Joan Strong Buell

Joan Strong Buell

While primarily a teacher and hospice administrator, in terms of “work,” Joan has been a journal keeper. Those journals have grown to become sketch books, including drawings and photographs. Over the years she has become a maker of things, objects in cloth and wood, gardens of living things, meals and pieces of clothing, drawings and paintings. She started as a musician in her youth, sang with choral groups for many years, played the guitar and sang with children daily when she was at Catlin Gabel. In her 60’s, she returned to practicing and renewed her love of the piano.

In 2015, Joan started a blog while on a seven-week cruise of the South Seas with Tom. Upon their return, she has continued posting entries reflecting on life, love and decades of memories. Joan’s blog can be found at

Joan’s work ranges from journals and poetry to essays, articles and collections of others’ work for memorization and contemplation. What follows is a sampling of all of the above. You can click on the highlighted links to view copies of the documents.

Care at St. Christopher’s
Joan wrote this article for Oncology Nursing Forum about her experience as a volunteer at St. Christopher’s Hospice in Sydenham, London, England in 1978-79.

Collected for the 50th Anniversary of Catlin Gabel Becoming One

A Book for Tom on his 80th BirthdayA COLLECTION
To Tom on his 80th Birthday – A handmade book of paintings and words prepared for T.C. Buell on his 80th Birthday

Tales of Love and Longing – The Longest Night of the Year – 2008

Well-Being and Being Well: The Holding of Opposites (A Curated Collection of Poems and Quotations)

GALLERY (Click on images to view large version)