Scanning The Horizon For Whales

Scanning The Horizon For Whales

Today we celebrate
The Patron saint of Wales,
she called out from the bathroom.

I imagine cetaceans.
The Saint feeding the whales?

No, she called over the water. Wales.

Calling back and forth, enjoying how
she’s used to my pretending not to hear:
Wales or Wales–no cross purposes-
we’re enjoying being downtown
at a friend’s apartment, unpacking.

I bought three pairs of panties
and two pairs of gloves, she tells me.

Why would you do that? Why have brought?

No, she says, I bought three pairs. On Sale.

And then she told me the doctor
had examined her, and she was fine.

How did he look, I asked?

Dark hair, she said, topsiders
and grey socks like yours, that slump down.

No, I mean how did he examine you?

And we both could laugh at that, too,
because we had been worried.

I liked the whale part best.