One Reason For Growing Old With Grace

One Reason For Growing Old With Grace

One reason for growing old with grace
(amongst others)
is that we are without fear about hearing loss
which we do not regret, since we no longer
need to listen to blather for fear of a broken bone
or two—they’ve lasted us this long, long enough.

Here yesterday and gone tomorrow, gosh darn it.
Gosh old Hemlock, we came here poor as Job’s
Turkeys, leaving stuffed full with memories—
Rich as Croesus, blessed be the tie that binds.

Now, we don’t bother much – it’s not hard
Not hearing—like greasy Joan, from the kitchen:
“Can’t hear you, my head’s in the icebox.”
Better, I think, than in the oven, or the freezer.

No need to amplify, pocketta, pocketta.
Like the time I thought she called out:
“The Prince of Whales,” not Charles,
But the cetaceans, and that was fun, too.