Lot’s Wife Had Plenty To Be Angry About

Lot’s Wife Had Plenty To Be Angry About

Like, his family (lots of Lots) were always looking back
so concerned about heritage and family name — and if any
one happened to be in the line of sight — look out for them,
the relatives — they had turned a lot of people into salt.
Dwelling too much on their own importance, thinking power.

Like, one cousin (Lot’s, not his wife’s) not a look alike but he
looked a lot like Lot, went grasping for the right metaphor
(at a family dinner) to praise them up and said:
“You are all the salt of the earth,” that’s how he began.

Then he made a big mistake,”You are all pillars of society,”
he said, and then everyone began to salinate, salinate, salinate.
It was hereditary. She (Lot’s wife) knew it. They all knew it.
But that did not stop happening what happened: It was their lot.

-T.C.Buell  (April 1999)