If You’re Autumnal

If You’re Autumnal

Captain Hook and me we wear our beavers masked.

When you’re in a grommet sequence you have to

or you’ll fall through for sure like Harry did.

He got caught. What did he expect? Camera Bear?

You never should shoot the chute in late autumnal.

Poor sahib’s in the pot nine days cold. Poor Harry.

And what was that old General’s name? Verterax?

He said to us, “They want you for a funny pig.

They want to pick your brains.” He warned us, he did.

And now we’re holding our innards in for fear.

They got us spreadeagled in the nick of dark.

Ready for the gender reconstruction, altered egos.

Prince into toad. Into frog. Into princess.

It’s raga time again, time for scrambled Zen.