Everything’s Devouring Almost Everything

Everything’s Devouring Almost Everything

I saw Sir David re-run last night,
enballooned, risking vultures.
On Public Television—BBC—PBS
Above our living/dying planet —
“Here we are,” he shrills, hovering —
“Here we are, held up by nothing!”

Lions by the pride feast at will on Wilde Beasts
and then the camera pans to spearfish leaping clear
of sharks in frenzy, and turtles newly hatched
Skua-scraped from Galapagos beaches —
prime time scream in living color, reds and blues
of tooth and claw, from Serengeti to the Pole.

Everything’s devouring almost everything,
regurgitations for each others’ nestlings.

Sir David, let us pray, will not be eaten
(so far, he’s exceeded Nature’s laws.)

Nor may he never feast upon his brother
the only other Battenborough.