The ABC’s of This Possible Poem Collection

It is an alphabetical (en masse) list of writings from my earliest ventures in 1979 up to the present, from “Namath” to “Did You Ever Spank Your Children” or “Antique Roadshow Bride.” If this gathering had a title, it could be “Long Distance Winter” or “A Moist Infestation of Other People’s Children.”

So, alphabetical rather than chronological or by category. But there are frequent returns to family matters – my wife and our kids, also our parents, travel or voyaging. Birth, marriage and death. Some of it is pure nonsense, like “The Grommet Sequence” (i.e., “Even old dogs earn new spots”). As a dear friend said to me, upon reading “Hamlet’s Thought of Something After Death Gave Many Men a Pause,” if you wrote this, we’re all in deep trouble. If so, I take full responsibility.

To TC Buell, Jr. for fashioning this website, thanks, and to all those who have role-played in the poems themselves. Anyone who writes anything knows that if no one does anything there can’t be a reaction; if nothing happens, nothing will get written.

See also, on this website, a collation of sculpture done over the years and a round of autobiography, featuring family and friends. It amounts to an archive of a life, and I hope it suggests one reasonably well done. Like Joe Namath, “he circled the earth three times – 1, 2, 3 – just like that, breathing Vivaldi.”

Easy as ABC. Maybe.

– TCB, 8-09

BOOK: TCBuell Art Is << Click on this link to view a downloadable PDF version of TC Buell’s book of poems and photographs of some of his works of sculpture.

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